Historical ships in The Hague

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Historical ships in The Hague

Who doesn’t remember the Laakhaven Festival of 2004? The National Association for the Preservation of Historical Commercial Vessels (LVBHB) then celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was a beautiful spectacle of historic ships and festive shore activities. They will repeat that in 2024! The LVBHB was founded in 1974. In 2024, they will have existed for half a century. The Hague has been selected as the location for the formal opening of the anniversary year. And even more precisely: the Dunne Bierkade will be the ‘epic center’ for this opening. Moorings in the Laakhaven and in the canals of Bierkade and Dunne Bierkade themselves form a beautiful decor for the opening.


Towards the end of the last century, the canals around the Bierkades and the canals in The Hague in general were destroyed. Until the end of the last century, residents and entrepreneurs of the Hoofts kade, Bierkade and the Groenewegje asked attention for their living environment. Less traffic, more safety and a better living environment. They drew attention to this through various actions. O.a. by offering beautiful canal parties and boat tours.

25 years later, there are plenty of activities on the canals again. Together with the municipality, the Avenue Culinair was built, which now houses top restaurants and cozy catering establishments. Jazz in the Gracht is a beautiful event on the water and since 2003 boat trips have also been possible. A tour around the center in an average of 1.5 hours is possible. As a result, the canals have once again become a busy part of The Hague City Center.

Vervaardiger Hilster, R. de – collectie Haags Gemeentearchief
Vervaardiger Marco Zwinkels

We celebrate the anniversary together. And where better to do that than on the Hague Canals. Where the revaluation of the canals started again in the 20th century. From Thursday, May 23, 12:00 noon to Monday, May 27, the canals of The Hague will be full of more than 70 historic ships!
The arrival of the ships is on May 22 and 23, the exit on May 26 and 27. Approximately 35 low ships will be moored at Bierkade/Dunne Bierkade/Groenewegje. The larger ships at the Cruquuiskade and Goudriaankade (Laakhaven Oost)

Historical ships in The Hague

Perhaps most people know that our family also owns a historic vessel. The top photo is of the “Antonius”, a sailing westlander named after Jan’s grandfather. You see Jan and his brothers preparing for a competition with other historical Westlanders. I am on the sidelines, although at that time I was sometimes on the “swords”. Nowadays it is the turn of the new generation that has taken over (competition) sailing. It is fantastic to see that historic ships are preserved and that young people continue the traditions. Will you come and admire the Antonius during the LVBHB anniversaries?

It is of course also very cool to view the historic vessels from the water. We will therefore also sail past the historic ships on Friday evening, May 24. We then visit the Dunne Bierkade and the Laakhaven and return to Paxhaven boarding point.

Max 24 persons.

€ 25.00

Historical Tour

Zeilende Westlander Antonius

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