Plastic Soup Fishing

The plastic soup is a global problem. Plastic waste pollutes our canals and eventually the small particles under water also go to the sea, with all the consequences …….. Animals in and around the water get entangled or suffocate in the plastic waste.

We love The Hague and preferably a plastic-free city. We would like to create awareness among children about the impact of plastic and litter. But above all plastic soup fishing it’s fun! They can also steer the boat! Skipper Jan will teach you to be a little captain!

Plastic soup fishing is an activity that excites children, they will not soon forget and which positively alerts them to the fact that plastic waste does not belong in nature.

During the summer holidays we organize a number of plastic soup fishing activities. You are welcome on board with or without the holiday pass. It is useful if you have a swimming diploma. Or otherwise you need to bring a nanny to keep an eye on you,on board.

This is also great fun to do as a private birthday party! Invite up to 12 children and get on board! You can bring your own birthday cake or put some music on! Please contact us for possibilites and price for private boatride.

Plastic Soup Fishing


Up to 20 persons on board. Adults & childeren
Childeren age 5 t/m 12 years old.


Children € 7,50 p.p.
Adults € 10,00 p.p.

  • Includes a 75 minute boatride on Wednesday afternoon during school holiday. Start 13:30
  • When it’s raining cats & dogs we don’t go, then the date won’t show up in the ticketshop.
  • We provide some lemonade and a cookie after the hard work.
  • We have the fishing nets, grippers and gloves.
  • Boarding point is next to restaurant Kaai13 on Dunne Bierkade 13.
  • Age 5 – 12 years old.
Platsic soup fishing Den Haag
Plastic soup fishing The Hague

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