Canal Cruises

We have several theme canal cruises. If you come sailing in The Hague, we have different ways to show you the city. With a breakfast boat on Sunday morning we go to the green Westbroekpark, enjoy the serenity and nature. We regularly have a beer tasting or our famous Gin Tonic cruises. For children, plastic soup fishing is a super fun activity on board. For adults too, by the way, so come and sail with us in The Hague!

We will do a beer tasting on board with a local beer brewery in The Hague. The owner will explain everything on board and then smell and taste! Maybe some of the boat trips are Dutch spoken, you still can enjoy the waterways of The Hague. When you sail through The Hague you will see beautiful buildings from the 17th or 19th century. From Art Nouveau to modern skyscrapers. The contrast is precisely what makes The Hague unique!

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