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The Hague Boat

The Hague Boat

We are Leonie & Jan Persoon, natives of The Hague. We have dedicated a large part of our lives to boating and sailing. The legendary skipper Jan is the cause of our keen interest in boating. Generations of Persoons have worked as sailors in the Dutch region of Westland. They managed Farmer ships which transported fresh fruit and vegetables from Westland to auction. They also sailed a special Westlander ship bringing peat to the village of Vinkeveen.

We honour these authentic ships today, and we still love participating in sailing competitions with the restored family ship Anthonius. Jan’s love of boats comes from these experiences while growing up. He even spent his first three years of life on a vessel. His father was a skipper, he lived on a freighter, and now boats are truly a part of him.


From building a boat behind our family home, to the restoration of a 26 meter Dutch Barge, it started with these wonderful projects as a hobby. Gradually, Jan was asked to build a motorboat for an uncle. He also designed and build a new tour boat for another boat tour company. The hobby was developed professionally. The combination of marine knowledge, and years of experience restoring old ships and designing new boats has paid off. In 2015 we started our own boat tour company in The Hague.

The uniqueness of The Hague Boat is that we have designed and built our tour boat! If you would like to know more about how the building? please follow Building Boat Daisy.

Besides the love of boats, we love travelling….especially to places with water. Since 2008 we have been members of couch surfing and we think it is fantastic to stay with locals all over the world, and to receive travellers in our house in The Hague. Hundred travellers have seen our couch (it’s actually a real bed) and we have always had great experiences. Also our Airbnb membership is a success, which has helped us visit more unique local accommodations around the world.

Our two daughters have studied and worked abroad, and they also enjoy travelling. This is another way that the international world has increasingly come within our walls. In the summer we’re also a host family for international law students of The Hague Academy and we embrace the expat community in the Hague. Personally, we find it very nice that there are people from all different cultures living in The Hague.

We welcome you to join us in an authentic and fun tour with The Hague Boat!

Jan & Leonie Persoon

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