Cocktail Cruise

All aboard for the welcome return of The Hague Cocktail Cruise, hosted by The Hague Boat and The Hague Cocktail Week.

This year it will be a monthly event. Every first Sunday afternoon of the month. Relax and enjoy!

We’ll be setting sail for a leisurely cruise around the city’s ring canal, with the team from Arbikie Highland Estate, distillers of the world’s first climate positive spirits.

You’ll be enjoying three drinks, complimentary snacks and get the lowdown on Arbikie’s groundbreaking spirits.

– Arbikie Nadar Gin and Tonic

– Arbikie Strawberry Vodka daiquiri twist

– Arbikie Chilli Vodka spicy mule

All of the ingredients used in the distillation process are grown on the Arbikie estate, producing true field-to-bottle products. The distillery itself is powered by solar, wind and hydrogen resulting in a very low carbon footprint. Uniquely the Nadar Gin and Vodka are distilled from peas, a rotating crop on the farm that reintroduces nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil which helps the other grains and vegetables grow. Rather than let those peas go to waste, Arbikie chose to use them as the base for their Nadar Vodka and Gin.


Max 24 persons


€ 35,00 p.p.

The Hague Cocktail Cruise

  • Every first Sunday afternoon of the month.
  • Start 16:00 – 17:45 uur.
  • One hour & 45 minutes boat ride.
  • Including three different cocktails
  • Delicious olives & nuts on the table.
  • Boarding point next to Hilton hotel.
  • Age 18+
  • Tickets € 35,00
cocktail cruise
Cocktail Cruise
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